Welcome to READnSEND.

READnSEND is a symbol of Love, Happiness, Friendship, Gratitude and Patriotism. READnSEND is all about spreading LOVE to your near and dear ones.  READ the beautiful message and then SEND them to other to let them READnSEND to others.

Welcome To EMOTIONS …. Welcome To READnSEND !

History Of READnSEND

READnSEND was started back in 2000 as YahooGroups Mailing List. Keeping in view the limited internet resources, READnSEND gets a huge fame and success at that time by bringing love, care and affection directly to the inbox of its followers.

Later GoogleGroups also joined the journey and since then, both are used for the spreading the love to all near and dear ones.


Under the banner of READnSEND, The Initiative that was taken in 2000 to promote the interaction between Indo-Pak Muslim Residents, messages were sent via yahoo group mailing list system and receivers are encouraged to forward them to their beloved one and their near ones. The term READ n SEND now days backed up by around 50,000 unique members from all over the world and the counting is still rising.

This website is established to make available the whole archive of READnSEND to our new members.


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